2019 Healthcare Leadership for Physicians - Fundamentals:

Participant Feedback

Friday May 3, 2019:  Feedback

AM Session:  System Governance - How is our health system organized?
An overview of health system governance, organization and expenditure in the Canadian context.  Speaker:  Dr. Raisa Deber, PhD

  • "Good overview presentation of different models of health care systems.  I appreciate the different resources provided at the end of the presentation."
  • "Very informative and excellent simple explanations for technical policy."
  • "I enjoyed the session as it generated great discussion."

PM Session:  Docs and Leadership - What kind of leader are you?
An interactive session looking at how current thought patterns impact who we are as leaders.  Speaker:  Dr. Teal McAteer, PhD

  • "Phenomenal and transformative. The speaker was so effective."
  • "While inducing tremendous energy and enthusiasm in the attendees, Dr. McAteer has remained focused on the theme of enhancing each individual's insight into their own strengths and vulnerabilities. A great session."

Overall Session 

  • "Excellently balanced day. I really appreciate the more information heavy material in the morning and dynamic application work in the afternoons."
  • "The workshop has enabled me to appreciate the challenges in health care delivery and its impact on teams."

Friday June 21, 2019:  Feedback

AM Session:  Health Economics - 'Show me the money!' 
Introduction to health system finance
An overview of performance measures and their impact on funding for hospitals and health system funding within the Canadian context.  Speakers:  Jeanie Lacroix and Sheril Perry from CIHI, and Dr. Imtiaz Daniel, PhD from OHA

  • "This content was interesting and relevant - should take up more time in the program."
  • "Very clear and concise speakers."
  • "Great presentation."

PM Session:  Building Effective Teams - Our perspectives are different, can we really work together?
An engaging session about factors that contribute to dysfunctional teams, and that introduces the importance of emotional intelligence in team dynamics. 
Speaker:  Linda Marshall, Marshall Connects

  • "Absolutely fantastic presenter, highly engaging."
  • "Very honest and excellent speaker."

Overall Session 

  • "Very good speakers overall. Very knowledgeable about their respective topics. Gave adequate time for audience participation and discussion topics."
  • "Another set of strong speakers and engaging topics!!"

Friday, September 27, 2019:  Feedback

AM Session:  Health System Regulations - Checks and balances
An overview of Ontario's Regulated Health Professions Act, the complaints process and hospital credentialing .  Speaker:  Kate Crawford, Health Law Partner, BLG

  • "Fantastic presentation.  Very informative and useful in understanding the physician/hospital relationship"

  • "The material could have been dry (though important to know), but the speaker spoke so well I felt engaged the whole time"​

PM Session:  Communication and Leadership - How to we relate to one another?
An interactive session on credible communication, and understanding non-verbal communication.  Speaker:  Terry Flynn, PhD

  • "Excellent speaker.  Really enjoyed the way he presented the topic.  Very practical approach to communication."

  • "Excellent communicator.  Great storytelling.  Helpful discussion with respect to communicating in ER."

Overall Session 

  • "Leadership series has been great opportunity to get exposure to critical topics pertaining to practice and leadership that we don't get enough training on in medical school/residency."

Friday, November 22, 2019:  Feedback

Full day:  We have our MDs but are we emotionally intelligent?
A facilitated exploration of the five domains of emotional intelligence using results of individual EQi2 pre-assessments.  Speaker:  Linda Marshall, Marshall Connects

  • "This information was transferable, I really enjoyed the workshop and recommended readings."