Book Description

Imagine if people around you had x-ray vision that could capture your inner experience. In your most stressful moments as a physician, what would they see?


As a medical doctor, every treatment prescribed or surgery performed carries high stakes for each patient. It can impact their quality of life in significant ways, or literally mean life or death. But the culture of silence in medicine makes it difficult to talk about the unique responsibilities and stresses associated with being a physician.


Stress in Medicine challenges this culture of silence.


In this remarkably honest and inspiring book, Dr. Nina Ahuja offers a unique glimpse into the world of medicine, sharing personal stories from her own journey that are heartfelt and touching, and at times laugh-out-loud funny.


Woven throughout her experiences and observations, Dr. Ahuja’s innovative approach to mental and emotional clarity shines through - a practical approach that can lower the stress level of any situation and sharpen your mind when you need it most.

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