Fundamentals in Leadership for Postgraduate Residents
2020-21 McMaster University Participant Feedback
(Sessions were presented virtually)

Wednesday April 28, 2021 Feedback

AM Session:  Stress in Residency
An interactive session exploring the impact of stress during medical training, and how ADMIT  helps to manage stress effectively. Speaker:  Dr. Nina Ahuja MD FRCSC CHE


  • "Very engaging speaker, approachable, empathetic."
  • "Having participated in both this Docs in Leadership program as well as the PARO Leadership curriculum (spread over 8 days and delivered by non-physicians), I can honestly say the Docs in Leadership sessions have been more useful, relevant, and a more efficient use of time. The topics chosen are very high yield, the pacing is excellent (with enough breaks throughout the day), and the content matter flows well from one session to the next. It is also more condensed (into 2 days), which I prefer. Finally, Dr. Ahuja's open and honest communication style as well as real world leadership experience as a physician/surgeon makes the session that much more relevant and offers a wealth of knowledge and wisdom."

PM Session:  Overcoming Challenges Associated with Conflict
An interactive session exploring conflict in residency, conflict management styles, and effectively managing associated stress. Speaker:  Dr. Nina Ahuja MD FRCSC CHE

  • "Excellent session. Thank you so much!"
  • "Great facilitation of the discussion."
  • "Dr. Ahuja is a really great teacher!"
  • "Thanks for being engaging, and offering valid and applicable solutions. Great take home points."  

Wednesday October 28, 2020

AM Session:  What is Physician Leadership?
An interactive session exploring the role of physicians as leaders, different leadership styles and their effectiveness.  Speaker:  Dr. Nina Ahuja MD FRCSC CHE

  • "I thought Dr. Ahuja was very eloquent and clear in the way she explained concepts. I really like how she expanded and added other knowledge to the discussion."
  • "I enjoyed being able to discuss in break-out rooms and provide commentary in the chat box."
  • "Good introduction to leadership styles and applicability of these in different circumstances"
  • "Very relevant and concise, thank you."  

PM Session:  Building 'Team Awesome'
An interactive session exploring the impact of leadership on work climate and its influence on effective team dynamics.  Speaker:  Dr. Nina Ahuja MD FRCSC CHE

  • "This was a great session that provided lots of real world applications."
  • "Excellent session with pertinent information. Speaker relayed information well and allocated lots of time for discussion/questions." 
  • "Excellent session. Even compared to the PARO Leadership seminar that I am also participating in, I found this workshop much more concise and useful/memorable - and I think a major difference is that the main speaker/mastermind of this is a physician leader (compared to a team building company)."