Health System Literacy

Our health care system is struggling.  To be part of the solution, we must first understand the context within which we work and provide care to our patients. 

Emotional Intelligence

How we relate with others translates into how others perceive us.  Do we inspire people to want to work with us, or would they rather we step aside?

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As providers, we face unique challenges within our health system.  Engage on topics from effective leadership, employee relations, patient expectations, system transformation and more. 


2020 Essentials for Healthcare Leadership Program

Docs in Leadership is pleased to present its newest curriculum, Essentials for Healthcare Leadership (EHL).  This three-level certificate program combines general leadership principles with practical applications for the healthcare context.  Emphasis is on emotionally intelligent leadership skills and health system literacy.  2020 Dates are May 1st, Jun 12th, Oct 2nd, Nov 27th. 


2019 Healthcare Leadership for Physicians - Fundamentals

Due to COVID-19, 2020, May and June dates are being postponed to Jan 29, 2021 and Mar 5, 2021 ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  Further details and updates will be released as the situation unfolds.  Thank you and take care everyone!

Current Post:

Making Sense of It All: Covid-19 from a Community-based MD's Perspective

How do we as private-practice owners best manage the business aspects of our clinical practices in these unprecedented times?

Posted Mar 29, 2020 / Updated Apr 14, 2020

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Essentials for Healthcare Leadership (EHL) Program Dates:

(Updated due to Covid-19 to ensure safety and well-being of all participants)

Friday May 1, 2020  Friday Oct 2, 2020

Friday June 12, 2020  Friday Nov 27, 2020

Friday Oct 2, 2020  Friday Jan 29, 2021

Friday Nov 27, 2020  Friday Mar 5, 2021

Dec 2019:  Cable14 Business Wellness Hamilton interview  

Docs in Leadership has the pleasure of working with wonderful speakers from:


McMaster University

University of Toronto

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Ontario Hospital Association

Marshall Connects

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


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