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Through nearly two decades in surgical practice, medical education, academic and clinical leadership, I have realized that formal leadership education for all health professionals is essential. This benefits our patients, organizations and systems, and ourselves as we learn to serve our profession in ways that support our wellness.

On that note and in follow-up to my bestselling book "Stress in Medicine", I am pleased to share that Docs in Leadership's new online program will officially launch Dec 2021.

Revisit our website and connect through social media for ongoing updates and details!

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Dr. Nina Ahuja, BScHons MD FRCSC CHE

Surgeon, Award Winning Medical Educator

National Academic Leader

Founder, Docs in Leadership

Certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor

Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

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The ADMIT  Framework

5 Phases of Experience that are

Common Sources of Stress:

Adapting to new ways

Doing the work

Measuring success



It's important to admit when you may be struggling and to seek support to help

guide you through!

Ahuja, N. (2020). Stress in Medicine: Lessons Learned Through My Years as a Surgeon, from Med School to Residency, and Beyond. Docs in Leadership.